WIZZIT Hair Removal Set Epilator Pain-free

Hot  WIZZIT Hair Removal Set Epilator Pain-free

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The Wizzit works by reaching out and firmly holding onto unwanted hair, removing the hair shaft, root and all, for a smoother finish and doesnt leave stubble. It attracts hair like a magnet removing it quickly and easily. Wizzit is more precise than waxing and requires no preparation, just pick it up and you are ready to go. Its so versatile; you can use it on any body part; face, neck, underarms, chin, upper lip, legs, hands, toes, feet, fingers and bikini line. Plus the Wizzit is completely portable powered by AAA batteries, the Wizzit can go with you home or abroad Its so quick + easy youll love it!

- 1 x Brand New Face & Body Epilator (With cleaning brush)

- 100% Brand New

- Removes unwanted hair smoothly from the root.

- Hypoallergenic rotary tweezers

- Smooth motor provides quick and effortless hair removal

- Faster than using conventional tweezers.

- Grab action motion designed not to break hair

- Cordless operation (2 x 1.5 V AAA battery required (Not included))

- Comfortable and SAFE

- Size: 12 x 3.8 cm

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